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Priyamudan is a 1998 Tamil sentimental spine chiller movie coordinated by Vincent Selva. The film highlights Vijay and Kausalya in the number one spot parts, while Sujith Sagar assumes a critical part. The story concentrates on the hero, who is of a hyper-possessive nature with negative shades and in this manner, tries to accomplish whatever he wants utilizing any methods. This is the main motion picture where Vijay assumed a Negative Antagonistic part.

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Vasanth is a child of a well off specialist from Chennai and grows up with a possessive disposition. This is appeared in one scene in a blessing shop where he breaks a blessing he loves exclusively in light of the fact that it had just been purchased by another person. He pays the proprietor to cover the harms, yet he reacts with a slogan - "On the off chance that I can't get it, no one can".

He happens to visit Rajasthan, where he meets Priya and experiences passionate feelings promptly. Priya is harmed in a mischance and Vasanth's companion (Vasanth Kumar) salvages her by giving blood. Being oblivious, Priya doesn't know the substance of her friend in need, just the name "Vasanth Kumar".

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