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Vasantha Vaasal is a 1996 Tamil activity sentiment film. The film stars Vijay, and Swathi ahead of the pack parts. The movie is coordinated by M.R.This was an introduction film for the music chief Masa. This film demonstrated Vijay's acting aptitudes from within, where he practices and practices discoursed. It was vigorously censured by the media and is viewed as a disappointment.

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(Vijay) goes to the city with a desire to star in the films. He is absolutely frantic about silver screen. He lives as an inhabitant in Divya's (Swathi) house. He tries carrying in video form scenes and talking film exchanges in a noisy manner along these lines irritating her studies.So them two start this thing in an undesirable state of mind. However, at long last they go gaga for each other.

Ganesh (Mansoor Ali Khan) is her maternal uncle who likewise needs to wed Swathi. So the miscreant begins exasperate the darlings. Be that as it may, the legend battle for his adoration lastly wins his woman love's hand.


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