The Icon of Millions Book Available at Amazon from Today

The Icon of Millions, book on Thalapathy Vijay , is available on Amazon from today. The Book was officially launched on February 25th in the presence of the author Nivas Banuchandar who is a die hard Vijay Fan.

The price range from Rs.150 to Rs.300 including delivery charges.

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The Icon of Millions

Book details:

Pages : 108

Publisher : Confidence Media

Language : English

Price : Rs.150 (excluding delivery charges)

The book is all about Thalapathy Vijay and his fans. The author Nivas is fan of Thalapathy right from childhood and always wanted to do something for him.

After witnessing so many tributes for Thalapathy in social media, Nivas decided to write a book about him.This book is not an autobiography on Actor Vijay but more on a fan's heart.

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